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Menus: Summer Week 4

Summer time...and the livin's easy! I've put together summer menus and they're delicious! I love to cook, but I also love love love being out in nature. The last thing that I want to do on a sunny day is to be trapped indoors!

Here's week 4:

Sunday- Chicken Stir Fry

Monday- Stuffed Peppers

Tuesday- Broccoli Slaw and Pizza

Wednesday- PBJ/BLTs and Broccoli Slaw

Thursday- Tacos and Smoothies

Friday- Taco Quesedillas

Saturday- Greek Salad with Falafel

Recipes: (I'm currently making some edits and will post the full recipes once I'm finished :) If you'd like to see them right now, you can check out my Welcoming Wellness page on Facebook and search "menus".

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