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 Resetting defaults to crave self care,

nutritious food and a healthy active lifestyle!

Welcoming Wellness

      "What day is it?"

--"It's Today, my FAVORITE Day!"


Had a massage with Amanda today and she IS awesome!!

She comes highly recommended!! Can't wait to go back!  -PW

"I've been seeing Amanda for massage and education presentations for the past 7 years. She's amazing at what she does and will not disappoint."  -BD

Events & Classes

Healthy Habits: Learn simple ways to incorporate daily habits for a positive change, plus tips on breaking down meals and macros, meal prep shortcuts, and samples of tasty and trending health foods!


CPR/First Aid Training: Two training options- standard class or blended learning.

Couples Massage- short course: Join me in this two session course to learn some massage basics.

Purpose Driven Hikes: Exploring coaching concepts with movement in nature.



Did you know: You get more bang for your buck with strength training? You'll continue to burn calories for the entire day after completing a strength training workout!(after cardio, the calories stop burning quickly after the workout stops)! And the more muscle you build, the more daily calories you'll burn-just sitting on the couch! Strength training makes you stronger, fitter, body balanced, and it protects your bones!

Massage & Bodywork

Research continues to show the ENORMOUS benefits of massage:  

To decrease anxiety, increase energy/reduce fatigue, alleviate pain & increase range of motion, enhance immunity, promote tissue regeneration, reduce spasms & cramping, stress management... just to name few! Whether you're looking to relax with Swedish massage, work out some knots with deep tissue/trigger point massage, or relieve migraine pain with myofascial release... I've got you covered!

The mounting evidence showing a strong connection between gut health and brain health, along with what we already knew about food fueling our bodies, makes a strong argument against anything being more important for our body's overall health than nutrition! I offer classes on nutrition tips and healthy habits, as well as one on one coaching sessions. You can also click here to check out my blog! Find posts on healthy stuff: family friendly menus & meal prep, how to get started with transitioning to a whole food lifestyle- and why it's so important, homemade supplements, a breakdown on different "diets",  favorite recipes... and more!

There's no doubt  that exercise is good for us! From making us happier to helping us live longer, regular exercise is key to living a healthy balanced life!  Each morning, I start my day with "sunshine time" I schedule it in, like the important meeting (with nature & me) that it is!  It's a quick 20-30 minutes of cardio  outside. The fresh air, sunshine, and alone time is invigorating  and sets the tone for the rest of my day. Give it a try! In addition to sunshine time, I like to commit 30  minutes of muscle work on most days. My workouts vary from strength & conditioning to yoga & focused stretching. Check out some of my favorite  exercises, as well as some workouts that I've put together... or book a session with me in person!

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Taking care of myself doesn't mean "Me first", it means "Me, too". 

--LR Knost

You can't lift a thousand pounds all at once. Yet, you can easily lift one pound a thousand times. Tiny, repeated efforts will get you there1

Massage &
I love Muscles!
Eat Good, Feel good!


Amanda Schmitz


Hi, thanks for stopping by! I' m glad you're here! Look around, you'll find links to some of my favorite workouts, menus, favorite recipes, and other fun health stuff!  I love spending time out in nature and enjoy almost any activity that involves sunshine and moving my body! I live in central Minnesota with my husband and 2 young children. I spend most of my time exploring life with them! I completed my degree focused on community health from St. Cloud State University, and went on to  graduate from Sister Rosalind Gefre's 800 hour massage program. I enjoyed working in the professional wellness clinic and later became an instructor for the school. I've been practicing professional massage for the past 12 years, while working in the fitness industry as well! I hold current specialty certifications in nutrition, personal training, group fitness and health/Lifestyle coaching! I'm on a mission to help others with resetting their defaults to crave self-care, nutritious foods and a healthy active lifestyle! Welcoming Wellness is all about promoting self-through learning and feeling good with education, nutrition and activity, to taking care of ourselves emotionally & physically using bodywork. I  hope you'll enjoy the information and contact me with questions or scheduling!



Had a massage with Amanda today and she IS awesome!!

She comes highly recommended!! Can't wait to go back!  -PW

"I've been seeing Amanda for massage and education presentations for the past 7 years. She's amazing at what she does and will not disappoint."  -BD

You are what you eat!

Welcoming Wellness

 Whole Body Fitness

Massage and Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage:

  • Swedish/Relaxation

  • Deep Tissue/Trigger Points

  • Acupressure, Reflexology

  • Prenatal Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Muscle Release Techniques

  • Event Chair Massages 


9am-2pm Mon-Fri         

30 Minute~ $35            

60 Minute~ $55        

90 Minute~ $80        

Evenings & Weekends

30 Minute~$40 

60 Minute~ $70

90 Minute~ $100



Healthy Habits:  Join me to learn how to get started with a whole food lifestyle-and why it's so important, some basics on breaking down meals and macros, meal prep shortcuts, favorite go-to foods, and samples of popular and tasty health foods!

CPR/First Aid: 

Certified through the American Red Cross.

Two options: #1 - Blended Learning: ($50)

I'll send you the online course for you to complete at your own pace. Once completed, you'll contact me to schedule your in person

hands-on test out for certification.

#2 - Standard Live Class:

($150 + $35 per participant)Standard 3-4 hour class with hands-on test out.

Purpose driven hikes: Join me for a 4 week series as we explore health coaching concepts with movement in nature! Each week we'll explore a topic while hiking the trails in small groups through one of our beautiful Stearns county parks! Topics:

-Types of motivation and goal setting

-Leveraging strengths & Changing habits

-Self-monitoring and accountability

-The values at the root of our goals

Hikes will be approximately 1 hour. After each hike, you'll be sent home with a resource worksheet and an action step to complete.

$75 per person or sign up with a friend for $100

Sessions run Fall, winter, spring. Text "when" to (320)761-3616 for dates/times!

Couples Massage-short course: 

Join me in this two session course to learn some basic massage techniques and muscular therapies for common complaint areas.

$50 per person (Must sign up with a partner)

Minimum 4, maximum 8 participants.


Personal Training

1:1 or Buddy Training

Strength & Conditioning

Weight Loss

Health/Lifestyle coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Group Fitness Classes


1 : 1 - $35/45 min session(5 or less)

$25/45 min session(6 or more)

Buddy-$50/45 min session

(you and 1 friend train together)


Call me:

(320) 761-3616

Message Me:

Contact me for scheduling, to set up a class for your group, or Follow Welcoming Wellness on Facebook for current class schedules and events!

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