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Making those Abs POP!

I just returned from vacation and thought I'd share some secrets that I've discovered- making those abs pop and double stick tape!

So, here's a picture of my abs in normal, everyday life:

Not too shabby, I eat healthy and workout...

The photo on the left is a picture taken 2 weeks later, and the one on the bottom is 2 weeks after that-right before leaving on vacation. Do you notice a difference from the first photo to the last (Just a one month time difference)?!

No, I didn't starve myself and start doing a million sit ups a day! Remember, 80% of how we look is nutrition. I didn't change my workouts at all! Here's what I did do: A month prior to vacation I limited my carbs to a minimal amount (under 20). It wasn't too difficult as I usually don't eat much sugar or refined carbohydrates. I know it's the big debate- carbs are essential yada yada yada. Yes, some carbohydrates are essential- like the ones found naturally in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds...those are the staples of a healthy diet. The refined carbs that we get from breads, pastas, cereal, etc. are more inflammatory than helpful in our bodies (my opinion of course). Not that you can't ever eat refined carbs...everything in moderation... except when you want those muscles to pop out!

To cut inflammatories even further, for the last two weeks before vacation I took it up a notch and eliminated dairy. This was the hard one for me...I love string cheese and heavy whipping cream in my coffee! I noticed a slight difference after cutting dairy, but honestly I feel like it wasn't worth it for me personally-I really felt "on a diet" without it and it was grueling!

Lastly, I discovered double stick tape! It's easy and amazing! How many of us model our swimsuits in the mirror, looking great...only to discover hours later while out and about that things aren't looking quite the same?? Using double stick tape is as simple as putting things where they should be and securing them with the tape! It's easy to apply and doesn't move with activity or sweat! I got it off of Amazon- Walker double stick tape. I read reviews and chose the strips versus a roll for easy application. Note: if you're planning to wear multiple swimsuits, realize that the tape will remove things like spray tans, so plan accordingly!

To find out more on everyday healthy eating and the workouts that I do daily, browse my website and other blog posts! Stay happy :)

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